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Moulded Insoles

In a cemented shoe construction, the shoe upper is lasted and attached to the moulded insole. The quality of the moulded insole plays a very vital role in providing a required load bearing capacity according to the shoe heel height and the shoe construction type. GTFC possess two decade of capability in making high quality moulded insoles to various heel heights and to varied shoe construction.

GTFC has a fully integrated, state of the art modern moulded insole processing plant with an installed capacity to manufacture Ten million pairs of insoles annually.

GTFC is equipped with superb quality Italian insole moulds that can supply insoles to varied heel heights of ladies, gents and children shoes.

An in-house design cell works dedicatedly on the development of insole patterns and samples to our customers.

GTFC manufactures insoles using top quality Cellulose, Non -Woven insole materials. We use branded shank board and proprietary steel shanks in the making of Insoles.

GTFC is a preferred vendor for global brand/buyers like “Clarks”, “Colehann”, “Deichmann”, “Bugati”, “Vandal”, “Startrite”, “Pavers”, “H & M”, “Fenili”, “Sioux”etc….etc…


Pre-Moulded Counter

Every shoe is uniquely crafted to get the right look and performance .In order to enhance the performance & the aesthetic requirements, it is a good idea to use a pre-moulded counter in the shoe making process as it molds into the wearers foot shape creating a solid foundation for a long wearing shoe.

In GTFC, we have a decent collection of moulds that confirms moulded component perfectly grabs the heel area contours. We have a tie-up with a reliable mould maker in Europe to make a back part mould matching to the customer shoe last to ensure perfect shape of the Pre-Moulded counter.

Pre-moulded counters helps in easy insertion of the component during shoe making process. The identical form of counter to the back part of shoe last creates a perfect grip and gives a smart look to the shoe.

Be it a non-woven thermoplastic counter material or a woven counter material we have a right set of equipment, tools and methods to achieve the perfect shape of the Pre-moulded counter matching the back profile of the shoe last.

Steel Shank

In a cemented shoe , the steel shank is a very important component that provides a solid supportive structure .The selection of right quality and correct specification steel shank is crucial to the functionality of the shoe as they diminishes the load incurred by the wearer feet.

At GTFC, we design and manufacture all types of the Steel Shanks according to the Specificity of the Shoe .Every Shank we produce is subject to rigorous quality control in accordance with sustainable practices and with great concern in complying with the international standards.

We use high quality spring steel in the manufacturing to Steel Shanks. With one of its kind modern furnace and the Austempering heat treatment process followed in the making of Shanks, we have many qualitative benefits over traditional processes. Some prominent features & benefits of our Steel Shanks are

  • Higher ductility and impact resistance for the recommended hardness
  • Low distortion, repeatable dimensional response
  • Increase fatigue Strength
  • Increased wear resistance for an approved hardness

At GTFC, we have a capacity to produce 10 million pairs of Steel shanks annually strictly confirming to SATRA Standards.

Readymade -Toepuff & Stiffner

It is very important to choose the right grade of material to get the perfect physical performance. It is equally important to use properly Skived Toecap and Stiffner as it will greatly help to enhance the optical appearance of the Shoe after finishing the lasting.

Proper skiving helps to reduce the incidence of x-ray on the vamp area of the shoe. At GTFC , we use right type of feed roller , Sharp bell knife , adjustable pressure foot ,suitable lubricating system and skilled work force to get a smooth taper skive with a Zero edge skiving

We have an installed capacity of 15 million pairs per annum. Our state of art machines combined with our expertise offers our customers superior quality ready to use Toecap and Stiffners . We also provide Stiffners with Zig-Zag stitching

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